Dermapen Skin Needling

Dermapen is advanced skin needling technology designed to stimulate natural collagen production. Increasing natural production of collagen in the skin helps to reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles, scars or stretch marks. Increased collagen improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin and helps with skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Skin needling as a technique utilises the natural ability of the skin to produce new collagen after a physical injury. Skin needling creates microinjuries in the superficial layers of the skin to trigger new collagen production. This natural process will take place over several weeks after the treatment and will help to produce tauter, smoother, younger looking skin. Repeating the treatment several times 4-6 weeks apart helps to achieve more prominent results.

Dermapen is a device that uses disposable vibrating micro needles, with adjustable needle depth to minimise discomfort and tailor the treatment to the individual needs.

Skin Needling

Dermapen Skin Needling

With Dermapen Skin Needling...

  • No anaesthetic is necessary for the procedure.
  • Side effects are minimal, and serious side effects are very rare.
  • There is minimal to no recovery period and you can return to your daily routine immediately after the procedure.
  • It is one of the latest natural skin rejuvenation techniques.
  • Effect is visible after 6-8 weeks, some conditions requiring a course of 3 or 6 cycles and continues for up to a year.



Prices of Dermapen microneedling with anaesthetic


Full face:   $270

Face + Neck:   $370

Face + Neck + Decolletage:   $470

Neck + Decolletage:   $350

Neck:   $210

Decolletage:    $210